Global Institute For Transformation® (GIFT)

  Transforming hearts, lives and communities by helpng people accept and share the gift(s) of God.

Invest in GIFT  through donations or merchandise purchases:

Invest in Transforming Lives

If you would like to help transform our world through GIFT, you can donate to the overall ministry and help fund operations, or you can donate to various GIFT initiatives.  Investment options include:

Transforming lives physically, materially and Spiritually via investing in general GIFT/Father Joseph Network operations.

- Fight for those who need food by investing in The Great Pumpkin Food Fight 

- Invest in Solidarity/Sustainability via Global Smart Sweet Potato Farming, including supercomputing-enabled twinning for the Church for the Poor.

To allocate your investment to your preferred purpose, simply click on the specific "Donate" button below that is located above your desired investment:

GIFT/Father Joseph Network

       The Great Pumpkin          Food Fight

Smart Sweet Potato Farming with Tech-Enabled Twinning