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Welcome to the Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT), a cross-denominational, 501(c)(3) ministry

GIFT's mission involves supporting the material and spiritual needs of people around the world, by working collaboratively with the Church, ministries and Christian community. GIFT advances transformative solutions to unmet needs.

For example, GIFT is leading a global farming program growing sweet potato and leaves to bring "the Mother Teresa of food" to those in dire need of nutrition and farming income. It's an example of our work fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -- deemed "17 Goals To Transform Our World" -- such as we're called to do in Sacred Scripture and through recurring Church teachings.

GIFT provides Spiritual Support; Material and Physical Support; and Church and Ministry innovations and support.

GIFT helps all Christians fulfill our calling identified in the Document on the Laity, Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord: "All of the baptized are called to work toward the transformation of the world... All of the faithful are called in various ways to share in the Church’s mission of announcing the reign of God and transforming the world in the light of Christ.”

As Pope Francis indicated in his first Palm Sunday Mass, "With Christ, we can transform ourselves and the world."


GIFT has researched and vetted innovative solutions for impacting lives and addressing global issues, and GIFT has been advancing such solutions as supercomputing for smart agriculture and irrigation for continuous farming in order to support the poor and feed the hungry; and water filtration to address the 50% of all hospitalizations which are caused by impure water.  GIFT also identifies organizations involved in sustainable development which we'll supporting with innovations and resources.  GIFT is currently supporting ministries in Haiti, Malawi and Philippines with innovations -- and Lord willing, we'll be expanding into India -- in order to support the poorest of the poor who suffer much and need transformative relief.

GIFT seeks to create exciting innovations in Spiritual and Material resources to encourage and help people grow in their faith and share Christ's love with others in tangible ways. GIFT has developed multiple Spiritual resources, a number of which -- while cross-denominational --  have received Catholic Church Imprimaturs and have even been covered on Catholic TV. GIFT resources have been used by various Protestant and Catholic ministries.  

GIFT is always innovating.  GIFT researches, develops and provides access to high-impact ministry and development resources -- to help the Church body continue to build and live-out a more loving, just, equitable, joyful and sustainable world for the benefit all.

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

"17 Goals To Transform Our World"

"I want you to pray dreams and visions of what it will be like when you help eradicate poverty and hunger by 2030,"  expressed Monsignor Jim Carini in encouraging our work on the UN SDGs.

In 2015, all 193 nations in the UN and the Vatican committed to achieving radical goals of eradicating poverty, ending hunger, providing universal clean water, assuring well-being, advancing industry and jobs globally, while fixing the planet, and more -- all by 2030! Fact is: this is exactly what the Body of Christ is called to do in Matthew 25 and elsewhere in Holy Scripture. Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT) is working with individuals, churches, ministries and the business community to advocate for fulfillment of the SDGs and to continue researching and deploying efficacious innovations to "transform our world."  The key to fulfilling the SDGs will be to affect both cross-cutting initiatives as well as collaborations as recommended in SDG 17-Partnerships. One example of the work GIFT is pursuing: GIFT is working to harness supercomputing for advancing Orange Flesh Sweet Potatoes and Leaves.  Through this, we're enabling both cross-cutting societal impacts and inter-disciplinary, cross-sector collaborations to make a big impact..

If you have the time, you may want to read the following blog post on fulfilling the SDGs -- including through twinning efforts -- written by Tim Maurer, GIFT's founder.  It  is based on Maurer's career-long involvement in providing strategies and innovations for corporations, business organizations and even the White House: Check out this video, too, and join us in something so meaningful, so impactful, so wonderful and so worthwhile:

GIFT Works Directly With Faith Communities Encouraging 

Active Faith Engagement In Transforming Lives

GIFT resources and leadership have been tapped by multiple churches to encourage active spirituality, including providing biblical insights on addressing unmet physical and material needs.

GIFT Has Aligned With Honey For Haiti

"Something Sweet for Sustainable Change"

Honey For Haiti has developed an array of services to help a wonderful orphanage in Haiti, and now Honey For Haiti is part of GIFT.

Honey For Haiti has designed and implemented innovative sustainable development projects for Maison L'Arc-en-Ciel d'Haiti Orphanage, benefiting children affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS. H4H's goal has been to assist the orphanage in creating sustainable sources of income through agricultural and livestock based projects, in addition to providing technical training for the children to develop their skills for their eventual reintegration into Haitian society. This model plan and operation can benefit others.

By aligning with GIFT, Honey For Haiti's tremendous works, model and success can be transferred across Haiti and to other communities in need globally. For more details on Honey For Haiti's work, visit Honey For Hait's website.

GIFT supports Christian unity

GIFT has received endorsements from both Catholic and Protestant leaders, recognizing our innovations in serving people's spiritual and physical needs.

Archbishop Elden Curtiss endorsed GIFT as “sorely needed” for our work in Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. GIFT has also received multiple Catholic Church Imprimaturs. Nazarene Church District Superintendent, Larry White, also encouraged the creation of GIFT.

GIFT has developed Spiritual resources to encourage and equip Catholic and Protestant church communities and parishioners in their faith journeys and in putting their faith into action in exciting new ways.

GIFT leadership has been engaged to conduct transformative faith formation seminars for Archdiocesan and local Church church communities. GIFT stands ready to work with your organization in helping to advance fervency of faith to transform lives.

GIFT encourages everyone to reflect upon all the wonderful gifts our loving God has bestowed upon us (including life itself and all God's provisions) and to reciprocate with love to God for his incredible provisions and love by engaging in the transformation of the world. GIFT asserts that there's much comfort and joy in knowing that we're all brothers and sisters in the family of God, and GIFT encourages everyone to love one another as Christ loves us. 

GIFT encourages reflecting on two key faith pillars, GIFT and TRANSFORMATION.  Consider: 

1) Everything's been given to us as a GIFT from our loving God and Creator.  We've brought nothing to this world we enjoy -- we owe our lives and everything we have to God.

2) Based on everything being a gift from our Creator, we should be open to collaborating with God to TRANSFORM our lives and our world in accordance with God's love.

GIFT enables global solidarity by addressing hunger with smarter sweet potato farming

GIFT helps Churches and Christians across the U. S. affect greater solidarity with our starving brothers and sisters around the world, by growing orange flesh sweet potatoes and their leaves as highly efficacious and nutritious crops.

GIFT has forged collaborative efforts with Faith-Based Organizations in Haiti, Malawi and the Philippines to provide tons of sweet potatoes, "The Mother Teresa of the dinner plate," to hungry people, and to create farm incomes. GIFT also supports parish twinning and teams with a local Knights of Columbus Council in Tolland, CT.

GIFT is working in Haiti with the Father Joseph Network, in Malawi with the Daughters of Wisdom and in Philippines with the Eco-genesis ministry. Through GIFT's support, Daughters of Wisdon and FJN have grown tons of potatoes and edible leaves each of the last few years for their starving communities.

GIFT is also working with Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center, Poland, to bring smart farming to the poorest of the poor to lift farm yields and incomes.  

GIFT seeks to help global communities harness leading-edge technologies -- such as real-time soil sensors, weather data and an instructional web portal -- to increase solidarity, optimize farm results and close the digital divide.

Click here to learn more about this example of GIFT's transforming work. To make a tax-deductible donation to this worthy cause, please click here to go to our investment page, and then click on the Global Sweet Potato Farming button.