Global Institute For Transformation® (GIFT)

  Transforming hearts, lives and communities by helpng people accept and share the gift(s) of God.

Welcome to the Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT), a cross-denominational, 501(c)(3) ministry. 

GIFT's mission involves supporting the spiritual, material and physical needs of people around the world, by working collaboratively with the Church and the global Christian community. For example:  GIFT is running a "smart," sweet potato farming program to bring "The Mother Teresa of Foods" to those in dire need of food and income in places globally.  (Click here to learn more.)

GIFT helps all Christians fulfill our calling identified in the Document on the Laity, Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord: "All of the baptized are called to work toward the transformation of the world... All of the faithful are called in various ways to share in the Church’s mission of announcing the reign of God and transforming the world in the light of Christ.”  

As Pope Francis indicated in his first Palm Sunday Mass, "With Christ, we can transform ourselves and the world."

GIFT works hard to create exciting innovations in Spiritual and Material resources to help people advance in their faith and share Christ's love with others in tangible ways. GIFT researches, develops and provides access to high-impact resources -- and enables co-creation and collaboration processes -- to help the Church body continue to build a more loving, just, equitable, livable, peaceful and sustainable world for all people.


Now’s the perfect time to join a food fight. The Great Pumpkin Food Fight, that is!

It’s a fight for hungry people here and around the world. (FAO says 820 million of our brothers and sisters in Christ worldwide are living with hunger.) It’s a fight for those who need to experience a tangible example of Christ’s love right now. It’s a fight for justice. 

Because, while far too many people don’t have enough food to eat, Americans will spend over $100 million dollars on pumpkins to be used primarily as decorations. One estimate puts the pumpkin spend at $377 million. Many of these “decorations” (they’re really FOOD!) get smashed or thrown out.  


But we can smash this trend of wasting food, by redirecting or matching any money to be spent on pumpkin decorations toward feeding the hungry. Indeed, reducing food waste -- and making sure our God-given resources are used for the good of all -- really is a fight worth fighting! Simply make a donation to the  Great Pumpkin Food Fight!  

Then, donors can print the pumpkin visual that’s in the website and use this as their decoration. (Watch the "Help Food Justice This Fall" video below)

GIFT Resources And Leadership Have Been Tapped By Multiple Churches To Advance Spirituality And To Address Unmet Physical And Material Needs

GIFT espouses and supports Christian unity

GIFT has received endorsements from both Catholic and Protestant leaders due to our focus on serving people's spiritual and physical needs. 

Archbishop Elden Curtiss endorsed GIFT as “sorely needed” for our work in Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. GIFT has also received multiple Catholic Church Imprimaturs. Nazarene Church District Superintendent, Larry White, also encouraged the creation of GIFT. 

GIFT has developed Spiritual resources to help Catholic and Protestant church communities and parishioners in their faith journeys and put their faith into action in exciting new ways.

GIFT leadership has been engaged to conduct faith formation seminars for Archdiocesan and local Church communities, and GIFT stands ready to  work with your organization in helping to advance fervency of faith.

GIFT encourages everyone to reflect upon all the wonderful gifts our loving God has bestowed upon us (including life itself and all God's provisions) and to reciprocate with love to God for his incredible provisions and love.  GIFT asserts that there's much comfort and joy in knowing that we're all brothers and sisters in the family of God, and GIFT encourages everyone to love one another as Christ loves us.

GIFT enables global solidarity by addressing hunger with sweet potato farming 
GIFT helps Churches and Christians across the U. S. affect greater solidarity with our starving brothers and sisters around the world, by growing orange flesh sweet potato crops.

GIFT has forged collaborative efforts with multiple Church organizations in Haiti, Malawi and Philippines -- and works with Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center, Poland -- to provide tons of sweet potatoes, The Mother Teresa of Foods, to hungry people, and to create farm incomes.  

GIFT is helping global communities harness leading-edge technologies -- such as  real-time soil sensors, weather data and an instructional web portal -- to increase solidarity, optimize farm results and close the digital divide. Click here to learn more about this example of GIFT's transforming work. To make a tax-deductible donation to this worthy cause, please click here to go to our investment page and then click on the Global Sweet Potato Farming button.

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals                         -- "17 Goals To Transform Our World."

In 2015, all 193 nations in the UN committed to achieving radical goals of eradicating all poverty, ending all hunger, providing universal clean water, assuring well-being, advancing industry and jobs globally, fixing the planet, and more -- all by 2030!  Fact is: this is what the Church is called to do  in Matthew 25 and elsewhere in Holy Scripture. Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT) will be working with individuals, churches, ministries and the business community to advocate for fulfillment of the SDGs  and to continue researching and deploying efficacious innovations to "transform our world."

Please take the time to read the following blog post on fulfilling the SDGs written by Tim Maurer, GIFT's founder, which is based on his career-long involvement in helping to set strategy for corporations, business organizations and even the White House:  Check out this video, too, and join us in something so meaningful, so impactful, so wonderful and so worthwhile:

GIFT Has Aligned With The FATHER JOSEPH NETWORK To Help Fulfill The UN SDGS.

Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT) has become an affiliate of the Father Joseph Network (FJN), Haiti, after working together to advance the SDGs.  FJN's work across Haiti represents a proven model for eradicating poverty, eliminating hunger, enabling wellbeing and more.
FJN is a great example of the Church and God's people carrying forth Christ's love through tangible, innovative action -- consistent with Church teaching to Act (on an issue)… Reflect (on the root cause)… and TRANSFORM (the root cause).  FJN  is an NGO conglomerate comprised of the nation's largest  Microfinance institution, a Peasant's Cooperative, a University, Clinics, a School, an Orphanage and a Religious Order. FJN had appointed Tim Maurer, GIFT's founder, as CEO of the Father Joseph Network organization to help create centers of excellence organization wide.   Learn more about FJN by watching a documentary produced about Father Joseph available through Amazon, and by visiting the FJN website (